Principal’s Message

Greetings Andover Middle School students, parents, and community:

It is with great pride that I welcome you and your family to Andover Middle School, the “Eagle’s Nest”, where our goal is to provide the best education for your child.  It is an honor to serve as your Principal. Being that this is my first year as a Principal, I am excited to encompass on the academic journey with each student and guide them towards their fullest potential.

Our school consists of approximately —- sixth through eighth graders and — faculty/staff members. This is an exciting time of continued change that allows for the exploration of  the abilities that our students possess.  The faculty and staff at Andover are committed to providing our students with the resources needed to promote academic success. Through a positive and collaborative learning environment, we aim to increase academic performance, while emphasizing on the values of integrity, responsibility, and respect. We believe that each of us is responsible to be our best in all that we do on a daily basis.  Our staff’s commitment to our students is what sets them apart and enables opportunities for growth within the “Eagle Nest.”

As Principal, my goal is provide an excellent academic experience to each student and remind them that they are capable of reaching for their goals. As a former Coach, I have witnessed the transformation that consistency, opportunity, and dedication can provide in a child’s life. At Andover Middle School, we make it our mission to commit to each student’s expansion and promote the power behind believing in themselves.

The “Eagle Nest” is a wonderful place to teach and learn. A great contributor to our school’s success is the strong support of our parents, our school personnel, district administration, and our school board.  This collaborative effort is essential for our continued growth. 

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration, thank you for supporting our school.  We hope you enjoy our website and the information it provides. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

Malcolm Nicholas, Principal

Malcolm Nicholas, Principal