Principal’s Message

Dear Community Shareholders/Stakeholders of Andover Middle School,

I want to personally welcome the students, parents and community stakeholders to the “Eagle’s Nest”. I am thrilled to say that this year will be a journey of exploration as it will be my third year of serving as the principal. This year will test and explore the limits of our resources, talents and skills which will allow Andover to achieve remarkable results. The faculty and staff of Andover Middle will work tirelessly to increase the academic proficiency of all learners, instill character and provide avenues for extra-curricular activities and service. This is a promise of commitment, dedication, and service to the students, parents and community.

As we begin our 11th year and my 3rd as the “Proud Principal of Andover Middle School, we will continue to enhance the changes that allowed us to maintain the on the course to excellence on the Florida Grading Matrix.  Innovative plans that promote even greater opportunities for personal growth and advancement for students and staff will be our focus in the 2019-2020 school year. This year promises to be exciting, productive, informative, hopeful, challenging, and fun filled as we continue in the “spirit of excellence’. It is our goal to “Level Up.”

We look forward to enhancing our relationships with our community stakeholders and know that with our combined efforts we will make a difference in the lives of each student.



Andover Principal